Pop-up events for adult LEGO fans in the UK

Bricks + Beers brings the excitement of LEGO bricks to a bar or pub or other venue in your city – come along for an informal, sociable evening. You don’t have to be a master builder to join in – there are plenty of silly challenges which don’t rely on LEGO building skills!

Pop up events for adult LEGO fans in the UK

Bring a Bricks + Beers pop-up event to your venue

We’re always happy to talk to venues in the UK about bringing Bricks + Beers to them, with sessions from capacity of 25 upwards. Event costs include a facilitator, hire of LEGO bricks and our travel costs, so everything you need to bring a novel new activity to your venue is included!

Contact us at bricksandbeers@bricksmcgee.com for more information.