Bricks + Beers™ mixes the joy of building with LEGO bricks with an informal environment for  corporate team building – a tactile, engaging session at a venue of your choice in the UK.

Team building events with LEGO bricks in the UK

Corporate LEGO team building sessions in the UK

Our corporate team building sessions with LEGO bricks comprise a range of tried and tested activities using the world’s favourite construction toy to add a hands-on, creative twist your event.

Our team building sessions are designed for small and large groups throughout the UK, and can be tailored to your theme or event following our Bricks + Beers format enjoyed by clients including Amazon, Google, and Western Union. Our team building events include one or more facilitators to host your event, hire of LEGO bricks necessary for your chosen activities, and travel costs, so everything you need for a hands-on, memorable activity is in one easy package.

Virtual team building with LEGO bricks

Virtual team activities with LEGO bricks - Bricks + Beers

Our virtual and hybrid team building events with LEGO bricks are designed to provide an engaging, hands-on session, ideal to break up a day of on-screen presentations or as a refresher activity for your remote teams. Selecting from our range of tried and tested activities – or even building your own custom event – .

Bricks + Beers can ship LEGO sets for the sessions to each participant ahead of the event, giving you everything you need for a successful virtual team building session.

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